The Presto Smart Dining System™ allows operators to make more data-driven decisions that not only account for their back-of-house operational needs but a myriad other front-of-house (FOH) factors that deliver a better guest experience and contribute to higher satisfaction.

Benefits and Advantages of Tablets in Restaurants



Casual Restaurants Benefit From Presto Tablet

Operational Benefits

Guest-facing tabletop technology is affecting how restaurants conduct their operations and think about the bottom line. The Presto System was purpose built to meet the specific needs of the full service restaurant industry. This focused application of these Best Practices result in strong operational wins.

30% increase in table turns

26% increase in check size

Optimize labor and generate FOH efficiencies 

Guest Benefits

With the Presto Smart Dining System, guests can browse a full menu, place orders, play games, provide feedback, and pay their check at their convenience.

Order from a full menu

Save time by paying at the table

Play premium games at the table


6, Presto Girls

Marketing Benefits

Presto ensures that your guests are always being served, always entertained, and more engaged at the table. Unlock the benefits of always being able to connect with your guests, and have a more personalized conversation.

Collect More Emails and Drive Guests to Social Media

Capture Guest Feedback / Complete Surveys

Presto Encourages Repeat Visits

Wait Staff Benefits

Our proprietary technology allows servers and wait staff to focus on meeting and exceeding guest expectations of service, which leads to happier guests, higher tips, and an improved restaurant experience.

Higher Average Check and Faster Table Turns

Higher Average Tips

Allow Servers to Spend More Face-to-Face  Time with Guests


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