Retain Top Staff with Technology

Too often the use of technology in restaurants is viewed in simplistic terms.  Some servers view it as a threat.  Something that can eliminate jobs.  In reality, technology is primarily a tool to improve productivity, much like a laptop or a smartphone.  As such it produces a win/win situation for both servers and restaurateurs.

Servers benefit, because technology like a tabletop system can allow them to better attend to diners while serving more tables.  A greater focus on hospitality leads to higher tips.

Meanwhile, average check size has been shown to increase when tabletop systems are used.  This factor also serves to increase income for servers, since they can increase their focus on high-value activities (e.g. hospitality, serving tables) and less on low-value activities (e.g. running orders or payments to the BOH).

Concurrently, because long-term and highly productive servers can better attend to more diners, restaurateurs are less dependent on constantly hiring new servers.  Dependency on finding and retaining new, but less productive servers, is decreased.  So restaurateurs face a reduced challenge dealing with employee turnover.

To recap, technology increases income for long-term, highly productive servers in three ways:

  1. Via the ability to serve more tables;
  2. While lifting average order size;
  3. And, by increasing focus on diners and hospitality.

Technology is not something to be feared by long-term, highly-productive servers.  Instead, it’s a tool to increase productivity and income.  An opportunity; not a threat.  In the process, the most experienced and productive staff have more reasons to stay.

Restaurateurs also become less dependent on sourcing and retaining less-experienced staff, which tend to be less productive and suffer from higher turnover.

Technology increases the productivity and incomes of top servers and restaurateurs while mitigating the challenges of employee turnover.


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