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Presto Tablet's set the guest free

Nobody Likes to Wait

Expand your menu with beautiful photographs and detailed descriptions. Let guests make their requests the moment they're ready.

Guests can dine at their own pace

Let guests dine at their own pace

Guests order whenever they're ready, as often as they want.

Pay how you want

Order, Pay, Play

Empower customers to craft their dining experience.

Make your restaurant unique

Distinguish your restaurant

Be at the forefront of the restaurant industry's biggest innovation

Sales Boost

Capture impulse orders through consistent upselling
and mouth-watering food

Presto can upsell 100% of the time

Up-sell 100% of the time

Never miss an upsell! The Presto prompts patrons for options on any item.

Presto captures impulse ordering

Satisfy Impulse Orders

When craving something extra, your diners can view, order and pay before having second thoughts.

See your food before you order

People eat with their eyes

Entice your audience. Large, tempting photos display a full-screen preview for each menu item.

Presto Tablet faster table turn

30% Faster Table Turn

Don't make your guests wait – allow them to browse the menu, order, and pay themselves.

Presto Tablets produce less guest frustration

Less frustration for guests

A busy restaurant no longer means customers need to wait for service or feel rushed to order. Be crowded without complaints.

Presto Tablet produce more sales

Faster turns = more sales

Let your customers get in and get out. Quicker service means more customers seated.

Prest Tablets with rapid ROI

Rapid ROI

Presto benefits begin accruing on day 1 and quickly return meaningful value to your bottom line.

Presto Tablets result in higher sales

Increase profits

Our data speaks for itself. Higher check averages, 30% faster table turn, and increases in waiter efficiency.

Presto Tablets are cash-flow positive

Prestos pay for themselves on day 1

Higher sales, streamlined operations and happier guests lead to out-sized benefits.

Presto installation is simple

Secure Plug and Play

Enjoy the streamlined Presto installation process. We deliver the hardware, train your waitstaff, and are out before lunch.

Presto is compatible with major POS systems

Presto works seamlessly with your POS

We support all major POS systems, interface with custom systems, and can even integrate with no POS at all.

Presto is PCI PA-DSS certified

Secure payment for peace of mind

The Presto is PCI PA-DSS certified and E la Carte is PCI DSS Service Provider Level 1 certified so you never have to worry about security.

Presto offers on-site training

On-site training

We train your waitstaff so they can leverage best practices.

The Presto Tablet experience


What do you know about your guests? Prestos capture 10x more email club signups and tell you which menu items they like most.

E la Carte metric tools

Powerful tools

Watch the real-time restaurant dashboard to monitor table status and feedback. Use the analytics platform to track operations metrics, menu trends, and profitability.

The Presto social network

Get viral on Facebook

Empower your guests to share their experience and your hospitality with friends.

Guest feedback is instant

Act on guest feedback before they leave

Be there for your patrons. Know how your guests feel immediately from feedback given at their table.